Weekly Favorites 13/06/2017

Summer in Rome is weird. It feels a little like being back in middle school, with everyone waiting for June and looking forward to summer vacation. Because everyone takes time off in August here, sometimes for the whole month, the summer doesn’t feel like having a full time job usually does. I’m going back to the States for about three weeks and then have a beach holiday planned for the end of August. And this situation isn’t strange for Italians. EVERYONE takes at least a couple weeks off in the summer. Stores close, buses don’t run as often and aside from tourists, Rome starts to feel like an abandoned city. This is all to say that the summer vacation feels are kicking in and it’s hard to focus on work when the weather is hot and beach time is so close. These are some of the things I’ve been up to this past week, and a small guide to summer in Rome.

la vita roma
A look down an Umbrian vineyard | Tenuta Vitalunga Winery, Umbria

Taking plenty of breaks during the working day, going on fun weekend trips, and having aperitivo on the beach as often as possible all help make the summer more fun. Edoardo and I head to Fregene often for drinks or a meal because there are lots of restaurants and beach clubs with seats on the beach, but Ostia is also nice and accessible by train.

la vita roma
Onda Anomala always has a beach-side happy hour buffet and great tropical drinks on the beach | Fregene

Gelato breaks are one of my few motivations during the hot summer days here in Rome. There’s nothing better than a lemon or raspberry sorbetto when it’s past 90 degrees F. Check out my favorite gelato spots in Rome.

la vita roma
Gelato dates are the best dates | Fatamorgana Gelato

While I have to go to the center of Rome for work, it’s best to steer clear in the summer months. Because everything is so hot and there are SO MANY people around, it’s definitely not as much fun to visit the monuments in July or August. But if you do have to go, get out early in the morning to skip the crowd.

la vita roma
Fontana di Trevi

I also enjoy checking Facebook and other event pages for outdoor events in Rome for the summer. Going to concerts, food festivals and other events is such a fun way to spend time in a city.

la vita roma
A craft beer festival that was on all weekend in my neighborhood

I hope everyone has a great week and has at least one summer holiday to look forward to šŸ™‚


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