The Trapizzino: Rome's new street food

Italian food isn't usually classified as street food or take out. Most people (read: Italians) prefer to sit down for their meals and enjoy long lunches. It must be the American in me but I still can't get away from packing lunches, eating a gelato while taking a walk and even eating to-go food on public transportation. However Rome does have quite a few possibilities for street food, with the trapizzino being the latest thing to hit the food scene in Rome.

Trapizzino, photo by Eater New York
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Best Aperitivo in Rome: Momart Cafe

The culture of aperitivo in Italy is rooted in tradition and is one of my favorite aspects of life here. It's the idea of "preparing" your stomach for dinner with a pre-dinner drink and light snacks. Usually. It's really taken on a life of its own in Rome, however, and you can find aperitivo's with more food than light snacks. Aperitivo can be a substitute for dinner or a light drink before something heavier. Either way, it's a fantastic way to spend time with friends, at cool locations in the city. And depending on the spot, you can get a beer, glass of wine (maybe a prosecco) and always the famous Italian aperitivo drink, the spritz. I like mine light on the aperol, with plenty of fruit garnishes.

best aperitivo in Rome
Momart Cafe at aperitivo hour
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Italian Cooking 101: Pasta Carbonara, Roman style

When people think “Rome” and “pasta”, there are four main options that come to mind. Amatriciana, Gricia, Cacio e Pepe, and Carbonara. Pasta Carbonara is a classic Roman dish that dates back decades and is so simple to make. With only 3 main ingredients in the sauce, it’s one of those dishes that’s so easy to make at home, but tastes dramatically different in an Italian restaurant. If you want to practice your Italian cooking skills and learn how to make pasta carbonara at home, read on for ingredients, technique and Carbonara recommendations in Rome.

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Osteria del Pegno: Roman classics in the city center

Finding a decent restaurant in the center can be hard. Osteria del Pegno is the answer to all of your pasta and meaty Italian dish needs. Located right near Piazza Navona (directly in the center alongside the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain), I've always found this restaurant to be a great option when I need someplace scenic, central and delicious. While it's not the best Roman food you can find in the city, it's a nice restaurant, with friendly staff, good food and excellent wine.

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Restaurants in Rome: Trattoria da Danilo

da danilo
The Carbonara al Tartufo at da Danilo

Da Danilo is an unassuming restaurant that’s farther away from the center than other Roman institutions. From the area (Piazza Vittorio), you would never guess that it’s been around for years and has hosted more than its fair share of celebrities. The trattoria is well known for its Roman classics, serving everything from meat dishes to desserts made in house, but it’s best known for its amazing pasta dishes. The Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe are famous around Rome and many people come here just for these.

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