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Reaching 100 Posts: My most popular posts for the past year

When Monday rolled around and I clicked “post” to my Top Tips for creating a travel journal, I was a little surprised to see the number 100 pop up on my WordPress site. After 10 months of blogging, I’ve written and published 100 posts on my blog, something that I never thought I would say.

Writing 3 times a week hasn’t always been easy with my constantly changing job in Rome, especially as I try to fit more travel in. I’ve had to find tiny moments in my day to take pictures, write content and do maintenance on my blog and social channels. I learned how to create a website, market myself and do mysterious coding things that I still won’t pretend to fully understand. It’s taught me a lot and I’m so happy to have a very thorough overview of what my life in Italy is like for the future.

To celebrate my 100 posts, today I’m sharing what were my most popular posts and my personal favorites. Going back through my archives is always a treat because I can see just how far this has come. Thanks for reading and supporting me in my love for all things La Vita Roma.

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Reasons to be thankful this year: What I miss most about the US

Living in Italy has been an extraordinary experience so far and has given me so many opportunities to grow as a person. That said, sometimes there are things that no incredible pizza or thrill at having a successful Italian conversation can fix. These are the things I miss most about living at home and what I'm most thankful for.

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The U.S. Presidential Election, from an Italian Perspective


trump ciao
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Since I moved here (October 2015) I’ve been routinely questioned about the U.S. presidential election by Italians. I've gotten everything from, “So what do you think about the election?” to, “Who are you voting for?”and “Does anyone actually support Trump??”

Most of the time I try to steer clear of this topic because it’s a pretty depressing situation for my country to be in and is one of the perks of living abroad. To celebrate the end of the the election cycle and the return to general decency among all Americans (hopefully), I decided to turn the tables on my Italian friends and ask them the same questions I’d been assailed with for over a year.

My (very) informal survey was done over dinners, in English lessons, and conducted in both English and Italian, so please allow for some misinterpretation and don't assume that these few opinions represent Italy as a whole or my own views!

So enjoy some excerpts from those conversations below, added in no particular order.

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How to Study Abroad on a Budget

study abroad budget
The view from my apartment one of the first nights that I was in Rome | Ostiense, Roma

Studying abroad is the number one thing I recommend to college students. It was an experience that changed my life and everyone who chooses to live for a semester or longer in a foreign country is altered in some way. One of the most prohibitive factors of study abroad is its cost, leading many students to think that they can’t afford it. The fact is, studying abroad may be even cheaper than attending school on a US campus. Depending on which country you choose to live in, your overall expenses could be lower, due to switching universities and different costs of living. For some tips about how to save money while traveling and study abroad on a budget, read on.

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12 Random Facts about Italians

Doing one of my favorite things: taking a weekend walk in Rome | Monti, Rome

Tomorrow is my one-year anniversary of moving to Rome! A year ago, I decided to leave the US for Italy and haven't looked back since. While I've learned a lot since moving here, including more Italian than 4 years of classes gave me, I've mostly been lucky to spend more time understanding the Italian culture and people much better. After living with my boyfriend's family for 6 months and working with Italians on a daily basis in my teaching job, there are a few tidbits that I've picked up. Here are 12 random facts about Italians, from an ex-pat's perspective. Full disclosure, a lot of them relate to food 😉

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