Best wifi cafes in Rome: The best places to do work in Rome


best wifi cafes rome Rome is many things, but technologically advanced it is not. Some cities like Lisbon, London, Edinburgh and Copenhagen are known for their tech-cafes and co-working areas. Unfortunately these don’t seem to exist in Rome and you’ll be lucky enough to find free wifi at a cafe in the center. Sometimes finding a place to get work done is necessary however, even in the beautiful city of Rome. The places below are cafes and study areas where you can easily access the wifi on your phone and laptop, while also having food, drinks, or coffee. For recommendations on the best wifi cafes in Rome, keep reading.


Located in the dead center of Rome, Circus is a Roman bar turned healthy with fresh pressed juices, smoothies, classic coffee drinks, and a daily menu of healthy Italian specialities. The people watching is great, the decor on point, and the wifi connection strong. I recommend one of their homemade cakes, a vegetarian lasagna, and house-made ice tea lemonade with fresh mint.

Barnum (Historic Center)

Via del Pellegrino, 87

Monday-Sunday 9 am-2 am

best wifi cafes rome



Circus (they love a good theme in Rome) is a sort of a hippie-lounge area with small tables, booths, and couches were customers are welcome to relax or get some work done. There are outlets for easy charging and a full menu of both breakfast and lunch options. Their green juices and smoothies are fantastic and come with many healthy options (i.e. goji beads and chia seeds) that you can’t always find in Rome. If you’re going on the weekend, head there early because the best tables fill up quickly.

Circus (Historic Center)

Via della Vetrina, 15

Monday-Sunday 10 am-10 pm

best wifi cafes rome

La Zanzara

Best known as a cocktail bar and restaurant, La Zanzara (the mosquito) also has a coffee area and a strong wifi connection. You might feel a bit out of place typing away while other people are eating pasta and drinking wine, but this place is close to the Vatican, Via Cola di Rienzo, and Piazza Cavour. A great option for when you’re tired of working around too many hipsters. Try the soy cappuccino or if it’s after 4 pm, an elderberry spritz.

La Zanzara (Prati)

Via Crescenzio, 84

Monday-Friday 7:30 am-2 am; Saturday-Sunday 8:00 am-2 am

best wifi cafes rome

Caffè Lettarario

Caffè Lettarario is more of a classic library work setting, but it transforms at night to serve aperitivo with live music. You can check out books and use the wifi if you sign up for free card. If youre the type of person who needs to be a quiet place to get something done, come here during the morning or early afternoon and work away.

Caffè Letterario (Ostiense)

Via Ostiense, 95

Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-2 am; Saturday 4 pm-2 am


For anyone who is homesick or in desperate need of pancakes and other American breakfast dishes, Homebaked is the home away from home that you never knew you needed. It has all the (filtered) coffee, hot chocolate w/ marshmallows, cakes and muffins you could want and a friendly vibe with people who speak English. The only downside is the lack of seating, but if you get there early enough on the weekend or during the week, you can find a bar seat to sit at.

Homebaked (Gianicolo)

Via Fratelli Bonnet, 21,

Monday-Saturday 7:30 am-7:30 pm; Sunday 10 am-3 am


best wifi cafes rome

When I was living in London, I loved heading to work-cafes in my free time and found so many good options. If anyone has recommendations for other cities where these tech zones are more popular, let me know!