My Favorite Italian Instagrams

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-7-37-24-pm Instagram is the way I choose to stay connected with people at home and traveling abroad. I love seeing what other expats are up to and what my favorite travel bloggers are posting about, without having to find and read their website. And I obviously love sharing my travels and everyday moments on my account (@abbiestark) as well. Some of my favorite Italian Instagram accounts are on this list for their stunning photography, witty captions, recommendations, or because I follow their blog as well. All of them are on there because looking at a feed full of beautiful photos of Rome and Italy makes me happy. I've listed my favorite accounts below, in no particular order.


Elizabeth Minchilli is known as a goddess in the Roman blogger sphere. She runs a fabulous blog and has created an app to find the best food that Italy has to offer. Her photos are always inspiring, because she lives such a genuine Italian life here, with trips to markets, visits across the country and of course, food recommendations.



HeartRome and Maria Pasquale were one of the first Roman travel blogs I started to follow. Maria has a great eye for photography and manages to capture ordinary moments throughout her day on Instagram, in a very memorable way.



Eleonora runs a beautiful Instagram feed with photos from her life and job as a stylist in Italy. Her photos are never cluttered and always offer a fresh perspective on their subject. I like her shots of greenery and classic Italian architecture the best.



For moody and artistic pictures of this beautiful country, look no further than Emiko's feed. Her inclusion of food, nature and wine make following her a must and the way she edits her pictures just speaks to me.



For the BEST recommendations and her monthly list of what to do in Rome, I go to Natalie. Her Instagram represents Rome in the classic sense, with monuments, bars, laundry, and Fiat500's. I love her eye for color and the way she makes every small Roman side-street look special.



Dino Prosciutti is a talented photographer, simple as that. He routinely captures breathtaking shots and is featured on many other Roman Instagram accounts. If you need yet another reason to visit Rome, take a look at his National Geographic-esque photos.



For an account about the food, for the food, and by the food, Katie Parla's is it. Her pictures make my mouth water and always have me searching for a classic Roman trattoria for a generous plate of pasta. Not only that, but she herself has written a cookbook on Italian food culture.



The life of Italy's retired elderly population is widely speculated about and discussed. With the average lifespan in Italy lasting longer than most other countries, old people here tend to stick around for longer and fill their days with more activities. These are most likely drinking one too many caffes, sitting about chatting with friends, doing the shopping, or scolding younger people. All of which the communal account Not My Nonni captures. Follow for a look into the glamorous lives of Italy's revered older population.



Sara is one of the funniest Roman travel bloggers I follow. Some of her blog posts kill me with how accurate they are in describing life as an expat here. But she really shines in the area of photographer, with spectacular Instagram pictures being delivered on the regular. To be inspired to pick up a camera on the weekend and try your hand at city and nature photography, give her a follow.


While these are certainly not all of the people I follow on Instagram, they're some of the best. And they're definitely an absorbing way to spend 5+ hours mindlessly scrolling through Instagram getting travel envy. If you want to see a similar post about the travel blogs I love to follow, let me know!