Weekly Favorites 18/1/2017


la vita roma Last week was a bit crazy because it was my first full one back from the US after 3 weeks off and my friend Jason came to visit and stay with me. We studied together in Rome on the Arcadia program and it was so good to see him again and revisit our old spots. Some of my favorite moments from last week were Jason meeting my friends, Edoardo's family and getting by with a mixture of English, Spanish, and the Italian that he's picked up so far. It was a thoroughly entertaining week. We made a quick trip to Lake Bracciano, which I absolutely love, and the medieval town above it (check back on Friday for photos and highlights of what to see). This week, I'm focusing on work, resting, and recovering from the craziness that Jason put me through ;)

la vita roma

A new exhibit up at the Orange Garden


la vita roma

Bracciano, Lazio