Vintage Stores in Rome: Charlie Brown Vintage

Vintage Stores in Rome: Charlie Brown Vintage

Vintage shopping is one of my true passions. The thrill of the hunt, finding one-of-a-kind pieces and taking home a piece of history make it the number one way to shop IMO. It also has the plus of being great for the environment (reusing clothes instead of sending them to the landfill) and being an ethical way to shop for the most part. 

I’ve written previously about my favorite vintage shops in Rome, but this spot is a recent favorite that I believe deserves its own post and praise. 


Charlie Brown Vintage is a small store in the Talenti neighborhood of Rome that carries a variety of vintage and second-hand clothing. The owner, Antonio, is a good friend of Edoardo’s and personally selects all the items that come into the shop. He has an eye for details, quality materials, trend pieces and timeless fashion. 

I go to Charlie Brown periodically to see what’s new and continue my never-ending quest for the perfect pair of vintage Levi’s (he finds a range of sizes and washes in the popular 501 style with VERY competitive prices). In fact, the prices are one of the best things about this store. Name brand, designer and cashmere pieces are all heavily discounted, with biannual sales on top—jeans go for €35, cashmere sweaters for €35-40 and coats anywhere from €60-120. 

It’s always a pleasure heading inside because you don’t have to sift through bins of unwashed, discarded clothing; Antonio takes great care of every single thing inside and most of it is in perfect condition. 


On top of that, there’s a great selection of menswear as well, so rare in many vintage shops in Rome and abroad. Antonio (of course) has a great eye for mens’ style and his collection of leather/suede bomber jackets is insane. 


All this to say, if you’re a fan of vintage and in Rome, Charlie Brown is worth checking out. There’s also a great website where everything is catalogued so you can preview the inventory before making the trip out. 



To visit Charlie Brown, you’ll need to take the B1 metro line to Jonio and a bus from in front of the metro stop. While it’s a bit outside the center, I guarantee the trip will be worth your while. Otherwise, check out the website and do some window shopping.

Open Tuesday-Saturday 10-1 and 4-8.

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