Leather Shopping in Rome: Supporting a family business in the center of Rome

One goal I have for the 2018 year is to buy only ethically made clothing. I know this is a big topic these days and theres a big debate going on between fast and “slow” fashion. I just got tired of seeing my clothes from Zara, H&M and even other more expensive places fall apart, all while contributing to unethical factory standards and business practices. I personally want to support brands that focus on these issues, including ones with an emphasis on sustainability and local production. 

That said, there are a lot of family-run companies in Italy that fall into this category, but the majority of Italians my age tend to be leaning towards fast fashion companies rather than taking advantage of smaller stores. Nobody’s perfect and I’m sure I’ll slip up along the way but in the meantime, when I desperately needed a new belt, I wanted to check out this super cute store in the Monti neighbourhood that I had heard of on Elizabeth Minchilli’s Instagram stories.  


Going there, picking out a model, measuring it to my waist, having the leather cut down to size and adding the belt loops was almost laughably easy. The whole thing was done in a matter of 10 minutes and I got to see a belt made specifically for me. All in all, I paid €20 and know that I supported a small company at the same time. 


The best part is, they are completely off the grid. That's no website, no social media and nothing in the store more advanced than a telephone and credit card reader. This husband and wife duo are living life tech-free and seem to be thriving. 


If you’re interested in buying leather products in Rome (mostly belts as they didn’t have any bags or clothing) or getting leather shoes repaired, I’ll leave the details down below. And the next time you decide you need something for your wardrobe, maybe consider where you can find an ethically-made option instead.

Pellami e Accessori per Calzature Miccinilli Mario

Via Urbana 128, Roma (nearest metro Cavour)

+39 06 488 5950

Open Monday-Saturday, 10 am-7:30 pm