What I Would Eat and Do on My Perfect Day in Rome

What I Would Eat and Do on My Perfect Day in Rome

To celebrate my 3-year anniversary of moving to Rome and living in this crazy, beautiful city, I’m sharing what my perfect day would look. From my favorite breakfast/pizza/pasta/gelato options to where I would visit and what I would do, this is what I would consider a perfect day.


Wake up relatively earlyish and bring my book/bullet journal to my neighborhood bar. While I could go all out and grab amazing pastries at Pasticceria Regoli or my fav Bar Valentini, I absolutely love sitting outside at a neighborhood bar with a cappuccino and cornetto reading and eavesdropping on the people talking around me. 


Pop over to my local flea market and peruse the endless booths of vintage clothes, antiques and random shit that always seems to make its way to these markets. Maybe I’d pick up a plant to replace my constantly dying ones or some secondhand clothing that’s  basically the only thing I can afford since committing to ethical and sustainable shopping. 


Head into the center and have lunch at my favorite trattoria. It’s cozy, has a great wine list and has a location that can’t be beat. Other options would include having the best truffle carbonara of my life or even packing up a picnic with a DIY tagliere and bringing it to go. 


To work off some of the food, I’m heading over to the Orange Garden and enjoying the incredible view. There’s nothing more relaxing that lying on a blanket in a Roman park on a perfect autumn day. 


For my aperitivo option, I’ll make my way over to a local bar like Tram Depot or opt for something more extravagant like a hotel rooftop in the centro storico. After taking a few pictures for the ‘gram, I’d then go for an evening walk in Trastevere. I love listing to the street performers and walking down the smaller streets away from the crowd. 


Dinner would be a classic Roman pizza (obviously) at Ai Marmi because it’s nothing special but it satisfies a pizza/fritti craving perfectly. House wine, a pizza margherita and a supplì, and then I’m of course going to head over to Otaleg for *the best* gelato in Rome. I’d grab some seasonal flavors and take my cone on the walk back to the car because staying out late is not a thing on my perfect day. 


So that’s my idea of a perfect day in Rome! Basically I love revisiting my favorite locations/food spots and wouldn’t want to try anything too fancy. I would love to hear what you would do differently on your ideal day here, let me know in the comments below!