Podcast Interview with Our Food Adventures

Podcast Interview with Our Food Adventures

Today I finally get to share a podcast episode I was featured on, giving an interview about my experience here in Rome, how I came to live here and some of my favorite spots to eat in the city. 


The podcast, “Our Food Adventures”, hosted by Chris and Tiarra, just launched this year and does a fantastic job of interviewing people from all over the world about their food journeys. So far, there’s been episodes on New Orleans, the Philippines, Spain, Bangkok, and many more other amazing places, as well as another episode on Rome featuring HeartRome’s Maria Pasquale (which has some amazing background sounds that are so reminiscent of Rome’s street food). I’ve absolutely loved listening to them interview their guests and would really love if you all would check out my episode here.

Other than my favorite tips for eating and Franca’s amazing lasagna, what I really enjoyed about this interview was that we were able to get into how traveling and living in another country can change you. I go into the (mostly random) reasons I ended up here in the first place, as well as the amazing aspects to the city that kept me here. 

To help give some more background on the places I mentioned in the podcast, I’m including my favorite foodie spots in Rome below, with a link to previous posts I’ve written as well. You can listing to this episode on Apple iTunes, Spotify and on the Our Food Adventures website.  As always, thank you for listing and reading :)

Neighborhood recommendations: 

Pizza/pasta favorites


A great carbonara

My gelato picks

How to plan your visit to Rome


For first time visitors to Rome, this is how I would structure 72 hours here, with a nice mix between visiting monuments and enjoying the unique neighborhoods of the city. 

How to study abroad in Rome

I’ve also written about my tips for studying abroad in Rome and making the most of your experience. 

I can’t thank Chris and Tiarra enough for this opportunity and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the episodes in the first season!