Weekly Favorites 28/9/2016


sunset rome Today, September 28, is a very special day. My best friend Erica Chrisis turns 24 today and unfortunately I can't be at home to celebrate with her. One of the hardest parts of living abroad for me is missing out on special events in my family and friends' lives. People always ask me if I miss home and while I don't miss the American culture, government, or food too much, my people are another story. So happy birthday, Erica!! Thank you for being my longest/best friend and always, "someone I can count on".

This week is a bit of an odd one, as it's the last week that I'll be working at my pubcrawl job (cheers to Rome After Dark) and I'm trying to transition into more full-time teaching work. This means putting out ads online for English lessons and posting fliers around Rome to get the word out there. I'm very excited to start having more free nights and teaching during the day. This also feels like a good time to move on because I'm approaching my one year anniversary of moving to here next week! Watch out for a post next week on about my first full year in Rome.

la vita roma

wedding car rome

american waffles

rome market