Things to do in Positano (In a Day)


positano When people imagine the Italian coast, they think of gorgeous scenery, mountainside towns, and little houses painted in rainbow colors. Positano is all this and more. This small town on the Amalfi Coast sits between Sorrento and Amalfi and has been a popular tourist destination for ages. Celebrity sightings are common and during the height of summer, accommodations are booked, restaurants are full,  and there's barely enough room to move around.

However, Positano is a classic beach destination for a reason; it's definitely worth a trip if you're staying near Rome or Naples and have a couple of free days. After taking a trip of my own to the Amalfi Coast and Positano earlier this month, I've created a list of things to do in Positano in a day.

  • Go shopping

Shopping is an important activity in Positano, which is visible from the overwhelming number of shops that line the streets. Everywhere you turn, there is a clothing, food, or homeware store waiting for you. The regional products that Positano and the Amalfi Coast in general are known for are handmade ceramics (featuring coastal scenes, fish, and lemons), linen clothing, made-for-you leather sandals, and speciality lemon products. Whether you're shopping for family, friends, or just for yourself, it needs to be on your list.



  • Sample limoncello

The lemons surrounding Positano, Amalfi, and Capri are said to be some of the best in the world. Locals make entire meals featuring lemons and offer many portable alternatives for travelers, the most notable being limoncello. Specifically from this region of Italy, limoncello is a well-known Italian after-dinner drink, which Italians use to digest after a large meal. The store that we bought limoncello from was I Sapori e Profumi di Positano. They claim to have been making limoncello from a family recipe since 1986, which are good enough credentials for me.

positano limoncello

  • Have a picnic on the beach

Going to the beach is a nice way to break up a day of shopping and the view from Positano's beach is stunning. The view from the water isn't to be missed, which is why I recommend taking a ferry or  boat ride at some point during your stay. Because we were still full from dinner the night before, we decided to have a light lunch on the beach. We picked up sandwiches from the butcher's shop, filled with regional meat and cheese (always) and some drinks/fresh fruit from the market next door. Our panini were really filling and delicious and we were finally able to relax after days of train and bus travel. If you time your visit right, it might also coincide with the hundreds of American study abroad students who come to Amalfi with tour groups and you too can hear the fascinating conversations about study abroad life that I did!

positano beach


  • Hike the "Path of the Gods" (Sentiero degli Dei)

This famous hike takes you from one part of the Amalfi Coast to another, with breathtaking views of the mountains and sea. While the total distance is 6 km, you can also shorten the trek to include only a portion of the path. Most people recommend walking west to east, starting in Bomerano and ending in Nocelle/Positano. If you have time during your trip, the views and experience are said to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.


  • Have a seafood lunch with a view

The coast of Italy has some amazing fresh seafood that I always try to take advantage of when I make my way over. Seafood spaghetti, plates of mussels and clams, fried anchovies and many other delicious dishes are served daily for lunch. Many of the restaurants in Positano are perched on the cliffside, serving lunch with Pinterest-perfect views.


  • Try a lemon granita

No trip would be complete without a lemon sorbet or granita. The crushed ice with lemon syrup that I tried was so flavorful and better than any other that I've tried. After lunch, shopping, and the beach, a granita is the perfect way to end your day.


Have you been to Positano or the Amalfi Coast? Let me know about your experience or recommendations down below!

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