Termini Market: Termini’s New Mercato Centrale


termini market rome The area around Termini is notorious for being a bit sketchy. You shouldn't walk alone at night there and you have to watch out for pickpockets at all times near the busy station. In addition, I’ve yet to find a decent restaurant, or great bar nearby and I’ve tried my fair share after working in the area for over a year. Termini’s new “Mercato Centrale” is the answer to all my coffee, pizza, and pastry prayers.

termini market rome

Recently opened in October, the concept for this central market was borrowed from the highly successful Mercato Centrale in Florence. With so many people coming in and out of the station every day (it’s the main station for regional trains from all over Italy, as well as the connection between Rome’s A and B metro lines), Termini is a great location for a market-style food court.

termini market rome

Within the market are many different offerings for shopping, eating, and drinking, the goal being to provide a one-stop-shop for people looking for produce, meat products, or a bite to eat while waiting for a train or passing through the center of Rome. Many famous institutions in Rome are represented, including Pizzarium Bonci, Rome’s best take-away pizza by the slice location. You can also find Bottega Liberati, a famous meat and cheese shop, and Trapizzino, a shop that sells solely suppli (bae) and pizza-cones filled with Roman secondi dishes. For a sit-down experience, there’s also a restaurant operated by Michelin-ranked chef Oliver Glowing.

termini market rome

I can attest to the trendy, upbeat atmostphere of the market, which is helped by its separation from the main station. The entrance is from Via Giolitti and was designed to immediately showcase the 1930’s architecture. It feels worlds alway from the bustle and grime that characterize Termini, but you’re able to quickly grab some food and hop right on your train.

termini market rome

The employees are passionate about the slow food movement and will answer any questions you have about what something is or what to eat. For me, Termini Market is a great place to have lunch or a coffee while working on my laptop in between lessons. FINALLY.

Mercato Centrale Roma

Termini Station (Via Giolitti 36)

Open: every day 7am-12am