Marigold Roma: Rome's hottest new brunch spot

Marigold Roma: Rome's hottest new brunch spot

The hype surrounding Marigold Roma has been real. Authentic, home-cooked breakfast/brunch options in Rome, a city famous for its over-priced brunch spots and stand-at-the-bar breakfasts. While there are other options for brunch and breakfast in the city, I’ve long felt the lack of a delicious and (let’s be real) aesthetically-pleasing brunch spot to hang with friends on the weekend.


Just opened recently, you can feel the passion that Sofie and her husband Domenico have for the space and the food they serve guests. Every detail is thought out, largely due to the huge renovation of the space that has allowed them to share a slice of Scandinavian interiors in the very Roman neighborhood of Ostiense.


Sofie and Domenico are culinary power couple, with her baking background and his talent for sharing the fresh food from home-region of Calabria, they’ve merged their talents in a place that makes you feel right at home with them.

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We went for brunch on the weekend around 11:00 and didn’t encounter much of a line at all, but in the afternoon it’s supposed to get much busier. As soon as I walked in the door, I was struck by how minimalist the decor was, how welcoming the (international) staff was and how much the delicious baked goods called to me. After dreaming of avocado toast for months, I knew exactly what I was getting from the menu, with a perfectly poached egg on top (€9). The pancakes (€8) were also a good option and the carrot cake was unreal. While portion sizes were relatively small for the prices, it allowed us to get a couple of things to try (and also made a #secondbreakfast possible).

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The only thing we encountered as somewhat of a negative was the lack of vegan or gluten free options. They don’t advertise themselves as catering to these dietary restrictions but it just seemed odd that they wouldn’t provide more than 1 plant-based option for their highly international clientele.


All in all, I was very impressed with the quality of Marigold’s food and the overall experience I had there. I’ll definitely be back to try more of their bakery goodies and their homemade pasta at dinner as well.

Have you been to Marigold yet? Let me know your thoughts on this trendy new Roman dining spot in the comments!


Marigold Roma

Via Giovanni da Empoli 37

Open every day except Monday, starting from 9 am on the weekend.