Packing for Spring in Rome

Packing for Spring in Rome

Sharing all of my tips for what to bring (and leave behind) on your trip to Rome this spring. 


If you’re considering coming to Rome in the spring, do it! Spring here is one of my favorite seasons because the lovely mild weather allows for so many different activities. From late February through May, the temperature is manageable, rain is (mostly) held at bay and you can explore indoor and outdoor activities without worrying about freezing cold or melting in the heat. 

Of course, the month (and weather forecast) for your trip to Rome will hugely influence what you need to bring and wear on your trip. February and March can be everything from sunny and mild to windy and rainy, while May is usually safer with warm temps but also beach-ready weather at times! I’ll try to cover all the bases here but of course you need to make decisions for your personal trip, by considering the weather and what activities you have planned. 

Here’s what to pack for spring in Rome

Image credit:  See (Anna) Jane

Image credit: See (Anna) Jane

Light jackets (1 waterproof and 1 that can be dressed up)

A light raincoat/trench and a denim/leather jacket would cover most of your bases for outerwear. It still gets pretty cold at night in early spring, so if you’re coming in March, I’d pack a light puffer coat to replace one of the ones above. 

Image credit: Pinterest unknown

Image credit: Pinterest unknown


In early spring, like March and April, most Romans won’t be out there in bare legs. This isn’t to say that if you run warmer you can’t go legs out, but most of the time it’s more comfortable if you pack a couple pairs of pants (jeans or “fun” pants” and dresses you can wear with out without tights. 

Once we move into late April, May and even June, temps will definitely be hotter and dresses/skirts would be more appropriate. Keep in mind that unless it’s the height of summer, most Italians won’t be in shorts in a city like Rome, but instead will continue in light cotton or linen pants or dresses/skirts. If you love shorts though, do you!

Lots of layers on top

You’ll definitely want to pack a few base layers like t-shirts and tanks, with light sweaters to throw on over them. That way you can remove a layer in the middle of the day with the sun out, and layer up with a sweater and jacket at night when it gets colder and windy. 

A scarf

Because #Italy A scarf will be on every packing list for Rome because not only is it super versatile but most Italians won’t leave home without one at night, except for the dead of summer. Take a fun, light scarf that can work with most of your outfits and use it for warmth or as and added accessory. I love taking a vintage silk printed scarf and tying it around my bag, head, ponytail, or neck whenever I need a little something extra.

Image credit:  Andi CSinger

Image credit: Andi CSinger

A sneaker option and a “dress up” shoe

In my world, every shoe I pack for vacation has to be comfortable and able to go with almost every outfit I’ve packed. A fun sneaker like Converse or my beloved Veja’s go with athletic or casual outfits, while taking a comfy-cute flat or sandal will take care of days I want to look nicer and going out at night as well.

Image credit:  The Fashion Medley

Image credit: The Fashion Medley

A light daypack and small crossbody bag

If you’re planning on being out in the city exploring all day, I would definitely recommend a small backpack to stuff your extra layers when you’re not wearing them, a bottle of water to stay hydrated, and maybe your camera. It’s nice to have a slightly bigger bag to fit more into during the day, but make sure it can be closed tightly so it’s secure when you’re in a crowd. A small crossbody is also convenient for daytime adventures and for going out at night. While larger totes or top handle purses can be pickpocketed quite easily, I’ll grab onto my crossbody and cover it with my hand when I’m in a crowd or on the Metro and I feel much safer.  

Make it springy

Most of what’s on my spring packing list for Rome is advice I repeat for other seasons as well. I would pack a similar list for Fall, but obviously I would change out my fabric materials and colors to make it seem more “fall” or “spring”. Lighter colors, pastels and fun prints make dressing for spring more fun for me.  

If your trip falls during a different season, check out my winter and autumn packing lists for more tips. 

Looking for some one-one-one guidance for what to pack for your trip and fun activities to do while you’re here? You can contact me for a personal consultation!